Want to become a coach, but not sure where to begin?

Just start right here! This programme provides a comprehensive coaching package! You will equip with all that you need to start a coaching practice!

If you’re already learned or qualified in NLP, but still not sure how to use this in the daily practice?

Let the professional NLP and coaching Trainer gives his best practices to you, whereby you can be using it immediately!

If you’re already a coach, but still thinking of enhancing your skills or model in coaching?

You will learn how NLP embeds into coaching skills and to multiply the effectiveness of the whole coaching process!

You just want to get coaching and learn a coaching approach?

You don’t have to know anything about coaching or NLP, you can just jump in to learn, to experience and to get it!

Course Features and Benefits

  • Complete Self-paced video instruction, a professional yet easy way of learning
  • Friendly used online access gives you full flexibility to learn on your own at any time anywhere.
  • Unlimited course access to the video to make sure you can fully understand all the contents.
  • Learn the practical coaching model directly from the professional coach.
  • Mastering the professional way of coaching process and strengthening the application for both training and counseling.
  • Learn the essence of coaching demonstrations and explanations, as well as gaining real coaching experience from those practices.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of leadership, no longer worry about the dilemma of leading people.
  • Providing ready-to-use coaching models, techniques, processes and tools.

Course Overview and Modules

  1. Introduction:Why learn NLP Life Coaching with Robbie Steinhouse?
  2. Preparing for a Coaching Session: Environment, Tools and Body-Mind
  3. How to Start Your First Coaching: Contracting
  4. The Core Coaching Model: The implementation of Logical Levels in Coaching
  5. The Second Coaching Session: Goal Coaching
  6. The Third Coaching Session: Entrepreneurship Coaching with Leadership Matrix
  7. The Fourth Coaching Session: Limiting Beliefs and Values Coaching
  8. The Fifth Coaching Session: Aligning Roles, Values and Vision

About the Structure and Learning Methods

  • 7 modules+15 sessions
  • 15-30 minutes of learning per day, for 15 consecutive days, with total 6 hours+
  • Complete online at your own pace – Self-paced video instruction, including coaching demonstrations and explanations by the trainer
  • Self-quizzes after each session to test you on your knowledge
  • Complete Handouts and Resources for references
  • Professional NLP Life Coaching Certificate on successful completio

Who is This Training For?

Business owners/Leaders/Managers, Coaches/Trainers, Consultants/Counsellors, NLP Practitioners/Learners, Helpers, Organizational Team Leaders, Those who want to learn using coaching model, and those who seek for self-growth

About Your Trainer

  • Robbie Steinhouse(UK)

  • Robbie is a NLP Master trainer, keynote speaker, executive coach and trainer in leadership and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of NLP School in UK and as a Head of Training. He delivers one-on-one senior management leadership coaching, global leadership development programs, and also NLP training to companies and people. He is interested in personal and behavioral development training. Meanwhile, one of his project is be part of the team in France Paris Technical College, developing a sustainable leadership development program for Paris Bank.

    Robbie is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC)® with the ICF (International Coaching Federation.) He is also a Certified NLP Master Trainer & Consultancy from NLP University, USA. His areas of expertise are coaching, NLP and people-related knowledge, this is because his career was started from recruitment, property and insurance related industry. Business set up also relevant with those areas and now the businesses are operating under an independent team.  From the continuous growth from the business, he and his team found that they really need more people skills, beside the business skills. As the operating of business eventually rely on people.

    Meanwhile he started confused with those tools and models used for helping others. Until today he found that the most useful tools is NLP, particularly when NLP connecting with coaching method. As he is so much passionate on people related knowledge, in 2002 he quit from his management position and fully concentrating in coaching and training activities. He started to organize NLP practitioner and master practitioner program, founded the NLP School and become the leading NLP training provider in United Kingdom. Each program has more than 100 students participated.

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