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{ Two Major Modules }

Here’s the thing…

Everyone lies and we have all been on the receiving end of that.According to research everyone lies at least twice a day and probably more.People lie for all sorts of reasons – because they don’t think it matters, to save face, to spare another person’s feelings.

But…Here’s the problem:

Sometimes people lie to mislead you in high stake situations.and…we are hard wired to believe (‘the truth bias’)and…there are a lot of popular (and wrong) ideas about signs of lying that people believe – for example face touching, looking away and fidgeting.NONE of these are signs of deception in themselves.

When people lie two things happen:

1.They must think more to construct a story.

The story has to be coherent. They cannot rely on memory of events that did not happen. Therefore, the story is vulnerable to the right kinds of questions to test the story.
You’ll learn these questions.

2. They will have a mixture of emotions – perhaps fear and anxiety, perhaps even pleasure.

You’ll learn to see emotions that are normally hidden.

Spoiler Alert!

There is NO completely reliable universal signal when people lie.There is No Pinocchio’s nose!(Remember in the fairy tale when Pinocchio told a lie, his nose would grow).Don’t believe it if you hear claims like this.However, there is excellent research based, credible and fascinating facts about what happens when people lie – and some of the giveaway signs that can happen when they do.

The Seven Universal Facial Expression of Emotion








What are the benefits of mastering this?

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the customer’s world
  • Seeing consistency across all channels
  • Helping clients to align the passion, results and action
  • Improving your own coaching skills and acumen

Learn how to read a person’s emotions from facial micro-expressions in a scientific way, so that you will be more attentive and empathetic when communicating with people in life and work!

Deception Detection ~ not to teach you how to lie or look great to detect a lie, but to learn how to effectively observe and discover the details and key points shown by the other person in the process of expression.

This is a course for everyone. Learn all these shall take your relationships to the next level.

If you are a mentor, counsellor, coach, or leader, you need to take this class to improve your teaching, coaching, and leadership skills.

Learn about Deception Detection to improve your skill in communication, negotiation, meeting, negotiation, sales, coaching, decision making, coaching, intimacy, family relationship, parenting relationship, interpersonal relationship, etc.

  • How to be attentive to clues in facial expression, body language and speech.
  • What signs are significant in credibility and detecting deception.
  • How to read facial expressions of emotion
  • Microexpressions – facial expressions that last less than half a second – what they are, how to read them and their significance.
  • How to analyse language for signs of deception.
  • This training is immediately practical.

Your questions answered

Who’s the course for?

Coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, managers, interviewers, negotiators – anyone who need and want to be alert for deception in high stake situations.

Do I need any special skill to take this course?

No. You do not need any professional qualification in Psychology, neuroscience, or coaching to learn from this course.

I’m a psychologist, will this be familiar material?

Probably not, unless you have studied deception detection.

What will we do in the classes?

The classes will be a mixture of learning materials, discussion, questions and exercises.

Is there a certificate of Completion?

Upon the completion of an online course, a Certificate of Completion will be issued. Certificates are from Lambent UK (which has two European Quality Awards for training) and EMR Academy Malaysia.

About Your Trainer

Joseph O’Connor (UK)

Joseph is a best selling author with half a million copies of his books sold in 30 languages, Co founder of the International Coaching Community, executive coach and a licensed trainer in emotional skills and deception detection from Paul Ekman International (PEI).
His skills and experience in training, coaching and neuroscience will make this training uniquely valuable.

{ Course Details }


  • Session 1:11 July | 4pm – 6pm
  • Session 2:11 July | 8pm – 10 pm
  • Session 3:17 July | 4pm – 6pm
  • Session 4:17 July | 8pm – 10 pm
  • Session 5:18 July  | 4pm – 6pm
  • Session 6:18 July  | 8pm – 10 pm

*The Replayback video only available until 30 september 2021




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