9 Master Trainers

12 Live Seminars

16 hours of Learning

World Class Speakers

They are all master trainers who have deliverednumerous training at EMR and around the world.

Among them are Founders, Developers, PhD, Experts, Consultants and Experienced Practitioner in their field.

They will share their best knowledge and skills, and most importantlythey have helped countless individuals, communities,groups, and businesses over the past 30-50 years.

They have helped many people through difficult times when they needed help, as well as making more and more people to be better and happier.

The 10 Great Sessions

 Frank Pucelik

– USA –

Co-founder of NLP

 Judith DeLozier 

-USA –

Mother of NLP

Robert Dilts

– USA –

Founder of NLP University

Joseph O’Connor

-UK –

Co-founder of International Coaching Community

Sid Jacobson

– USA –

International Master of NLP

Nick LeForce

– USA –

International Master of Hypnotherapy

Robbie Steinhouse

-UK –

Founder of NLP School

Judith Lowe

-UK –

International Master of NLP

Dr.Patricia Novick– USA –

Senior Clinical Psychologist and Ministry PhD

Annie Chong

– Malaysia –

NLP Master Trainer

Judith DeLozier

Passion in Action

Taking the journey of the Heart.  I have heard it said that it doesn’t matter what path you choose, as long as the path has heart, passion and a sense of mission. This is the meaning of bringing your heart beats to the world to make a difference and developing projects with a community.You’ll learn powerful tools and skills to: 

  • Express your leadership within the community
  • Build team spirit and creativity with others
  • Strengthen your personal alignment and growth

Join this inspiration leading-edge session for people who want to make a difference!

Frank Pucelik

The Tyranny of Emotions

This presentation will be an in depth description of what an emotion is.

  • What is an emotion
  • What are the parts of an emotion
  • Where do they come from
  • Can you control your emotions 
  • Are your emotions real, partly real, or completely made up
  • Does an emotion have an anatomy
  • Can you create an emotion ‘on purpose’
  • Can you change an emotion
  • Can you get rid of an unwanted emotion
  • Are you a robot created by your emotions
  • Do you belong to your emotions or do they belong to you

During this presentation you will learn the answers to all of the above questions. You will learn steps you can learn to take in order to use your emotion expertly to create motivation to perform superbly at important moments.  You will also learn how to use your emotions to create incredibly relaxing time for your great pleasure and learn how to use your emotions to heal your body from minor physical problem as well as create an incredible feeling of self-worth.  Your emotions are your own special resources created by you to assist with exactly the right mental and physical preparation for whatever events you are about begin. Most people live according to the feedback and the tyranny of their emotional reactions to 100s of life events every day often without noticing their effect. Are you a victim of your emotions? How you understand and manage your emotions is the answer to this question.  Join us for this presentation and learn about your emotions and who ‘runs’ your life.

Robert Dilts

Somatic Modeling and Accessing Somatic Intelligence in Times of Change

Somatic Modeling has to do with the organization of our physiology and “body language.” Somatic Modeling focuses more on the form and deeper organization of body language than it does on its content. In other words, Somatic Modeling is concerned with the underlying pattern, form and relationships between the way we hold and move particular parts of our body. It emphasizes the overall pattern and organization of movement and the formation of cognitive-somatic (i.e., “mind-body”) expressions.One of the primary objectives of Somatic Modeling is to mobilize and utilize the “wisdom of the body.”

A fundamental principle of Somatic Modeling is that there is information and wisdom in the body and knowledge in “the muscle.” It is a way to access and take advantage of the full capacity of “the brain in our body.”

This session will explore how to apply Somatic Modeling as a key process for gathering information and finding resources in times of change.

Joseph O’Connor

Asking Better Questions: How Neuroscience can help us be better Coaches

  • Neuroscience is transforming many coaching models as well as presenting new ones.
  • What does the latest neuroscience research contribute to coaching in practical terms?
  • Coaching has always been about asking the best questions we can.
  • Knowing how the brain works can help us to ask better questions – ones that are more ‘brain friendly’
  • This session will bring the latest neuroscience to practical applications in coaching – looking especially at creativity and  how we really make decisions as opposed to how we think we do.
  • You will also learn the three most important  research based activities for brain health.

Dr.Patricia Novick & Judith DeLozier

Emotional Intelligence

Does having high emotional intelligence mean you have to control your emotions? Or does it mean that you must not reveal your emotions at all?
Emotional intelligence is definitely more than just emotion management! But one of the highly effective people’s traits is often high emotional intelligence!
Emotional intelligence can be used not only in the self, but also in others and in teams.
Whether you are a leader or not, emotional intelligence is a knowledge and skill that you must master to be excellence. This is because Emotional Intelligence gives you greater ability to:
~ Work effectively and persuasively with others
~ identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.
What will you learn in this sharing?
1. Conflict Resolution ~ essential to solving problems and maintaining relationships!
2. Teamwork and Collaboration ~ How to get everyone to give their best?
Both Judith and Patricia will share with you on the above topics! Meanwhile you will be able to have some practical and discussion session with them in live! Get more experiences and master those skills now!

Dr.Patricia Novick&Annie Chong

The Art of Empathy

In this 90-minute presentation, we will examine empathy as a valuable skill for NLP practitioners in many settings, including individual coaching, business consulting, and therapeutic relationships.

In addition to defining empathy and providing examples of what empathy looks like in practice, we will lead a range of exercises that help develop empathy, help practitioners demonstrate empathy, and help with applying empathy to business practices that include marketing and leadership. Those exercises include:

  • Mirroring
  • Matching
  •  Rapport-building
  • Meta-messaging

We will also discuss observed differences in empathy in Eastern and Western societies, and consider ways of obtaining “the best of both worlds” in developing and expressing empathy.

Sid Jacobson

Solution States: Solving Problems in Business with NLP

Change is a major driving force in the world. The biggest challenge facing individuals today is often figuring out how they can manage the rapid rate of change they face on a daily basis. People now are forced to change at the rate of technology and the rate of the organizational change they work in. The biggest barrier that prevents change in an individual is their own stuck state of mind and, in organizational life, the states of mind of all those around them. Dr Jacobson developed Solution States to help everyone use the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to propel people out of stuck states and into Solution States.

  Solution States is designed to help you use NLP to problem solve and be more aware of how state of mind impacts performance. You will learn strategies and tools that will help you address pertinent human functioning in the workplace and the dynamic that interferes with progress in individuals and organizations. This presentation will be highly practical and the learnings easily employable and therefore ideal for the modern team leader requiring an individual approach to developing the team.

 We will be exploring the different kinds and categories of problems that affect organizations. This will include how problems are developed and framed and how we can think differently about them. Most valuable for those doing management consulting and organization change of any kind, as well as the practitioner looking for new roads to success with their clients, and themselves.

What will you learn? 

  • Understanding people and the thinking that creates problems, whether they are “people” problems or any other kind.
  • What elements must be addressed for change to happen and stick.
  • Preparation in problem solving.
  • How to properly frame the conceptualization of the problem to insure that the actions chosen directly affect the problem and lead to a workable solution.

Key Outline 

  1. Introduction 
  2. NLP & Problem Solving
  3. The problem SPACE
  4. Problem types 
  5. States of Mind & Designing Solution States 
  6. Applications for the future  

Nick LeForce

How can you Love the Life you have into the Life you Want

Many of us have learned to strive for more, for bigger and better lives, and for the special privileges that come with status, wealth, or fame. This has certainly driven people to improve their conditions in life and many of us now actually live in luxury compared to those who lived in the past. Unfortunately, this increase in worldly comforts often correlates with less happiness. When striving becomes our default mode of functioning it often manifest as a dissatisfaction with what is, with what we have, and with anything untoward that happens to us.  This sharp contrast between where we “should be” and where we are in life has been amplified by the current Covid pandemic. Even if we arrive where we want to be, or find ourselves momentarily close to it, we often do not know how to appreciate it because we have practiced, for most of our lives, the art of dissatisfaction.  We’ve never learned how to love the life we have into the life we want.Outline of topics:

  • Broken Things and Beautiful Questions
  • Facing The Greater Forces of Life
  • Finding and Deepening Your Roots of Trust (in yourself and in life)
  • Going Beyond Yourself: From Grievance to Gratitude 
  • Loving Your Life Today While Striving For a Better Tomorrow

Judith Lowe

15 Ways with Words to make a Positive Difference

The field of NLP has many linguistic tools to help people develop their communication and  explore their critical thinking – also to help create a vibrant shared world with others and bring new possibilities to any situation.Through artful questions, rapportful repetitions, and shifting linguistic frames, we can change the way that we see and understand a situation. In this special 15th Anniversary celebration online session  for EMR  I would like to share with you 15 powerful and practical tools and ideas  to enhance your everyday communication – how you talk to others, and how you talk to yourself.  These are tools  that are helpful to coaches, trainers, managers and leaders to help bring out the best in people and solve problems together.I will draw on models from NLP such as the Meta-Model and the Reframing model called ‘Sleight of Mouth’.  These models go to the heart of how language works to produce and change our reality. We will explore how to play with words to transform meaning and beliefs  in a conversational way – so we can have a positive and creative influence on any situation.

Robbie Steinhouse

NLP Life Coaching

This talk provides a road map of how to offer a comprehensive coaching offering to a client which is covered in Robbie’s online learning program. Topics include.

  • How to present the client contract and build a safe and professional ‘container’ to hold the coaching relationship.
  • Goals, roles, values and purpose – a combination of approaches to build a ‘shopping list’ of needs and wants for the client’s life.
  • Start-up and career coaching – how to coach a client in their work role or support them through the process of establishing and growing their own business.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs – how to use a powerful NLP process to help a client achieve real breakthrough change.

Robbie Steinhouse

Business Leadership Coaching


As a business coach and author, as well as a successful entrepreneur Robbie Steinhouse guides you on how to coach people for success in their working lives.     

Using his own unique NLP inspired models – he demonstrates how to coach someone to raise their game and overcome limiting beliefs. A key idea is how to move from mediocre to great: Why Not You!

 This presentation is based on three books by Robert Steinhouse: Think Like an Entrepreneur (2008 Pearson); Brilliant Decision Making (2010) and Mindful Business Leadership (2017).






The talk is separated into the following sections:

From Think Like an Entrepreneur is the idea of breaking down the various business functions, into the ‘Capability Sets’ fundamentally technical disciplines of Operations, Finance and Law (the world of task-based activities), and the more people-based disciplines of Sales and Marketing (the world of relationship-based activities). The concept of the ‘pure’ leadership is also introduced, as a third essential Set.

The point is made that any leader will probably have become very good at one of the two basic Capability Sets but less good at the other. He or she will need to master new ways of thinking, being and acting relevant to their weaker ‘basic Set’, as well as the skills and mindsets of ‘pure’ leadership. 

From Brilliant Decision Making and the Leadership Matrix – Leaders and entrepreneurs will be introduced to a new coaching model to help them to make decisions, to help build a powerful culture, create strategies and resolve problems.

The Leadership Matrix model was created by Robert Steinhouse as a comprehensive approach to dealing with organizational change. The vertical and horizontal titles will be explained and then a brief description of each “square” will be given. Once the model is comprehended by participants, exercises to use this framework will provide a lasting methodology to manage and analyze change. It is covered in Mindful Business Leadership published in 2017.

From The Leadership Matrix from Mindful Business Leadership, Each capability set is broken down further into three sections: Vision, Yin and Yang which produces a matrix of energies that the leader needs to be able to call on. Each energy has its own picture below:

Each picture is explained and why it is important for the leader to master them. This will help the leader move from a specialist to a generalist.

16 hours of Fun Filled Learning

Learning is not something that can be done overnight.

Learning is not always about solving immediate problems.But what is certain is that in this new era,lifelong learning is a necessity for everyone.

In order to learn a subject or skill, apart from cognitive and technical mastery,the most important thing is to practice, to experience.

This is the great way to learn and grow in your own way.You just need to spend about 2-3 hours a month to learn.

This is a kind of fun and effective way of learning.Come joining us on this special event!

Who should join?

  • Trainers, Corporate Coaches/Consultants, Counselors, Psychotherapists,
  • Educators/Social Workers, Non-Profit/Governmental Organization Leaders,
  • Business Owners/Directors/Chiefs, Corporate Top Executives,
  • Managers, Head of Departments, Team Leaders,
  • Lifelong Learners and Individual Who Wants to Grow

This is your opportunity to make a difference for the year of 2021!

10 sessions with 15 hours

Total worth:

RM 2,500/USD 613

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Most importantly you won’t miss out any of the great learning!

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