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Robbie Steinhouse(英国)


Robbie Steinhouse 罗宾·施泰因豪(英国)






2012年罗宾·施泰因豪新书 《从决策到决胜:领导者在转折点怎样作决策》陈然 译 ,出 版 社: 中国市场出版社。


Robbie Steinhouse (UK)

Robbie Steinhouse is a NLP Master trainer, keynote speaker, executive coach and trainer in leadership and entrepreneurship. He delivers one-on-one senior management leadership coaching, global leadership development programmes, and also NLP training to companies and people interested in personal and behavioural development training.

Robbie is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC)® with the ICF (International Coaching Federation.) He is also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP University Certified Master Trainer.After graduating from Middlesex University Business School in 198 he built businesses in property and insurance; his interest in coaching, NLP and the human dimension of business stems from this stage of his career. As these businesses grew, he found an ever-increasing need for more than just commercial skills, both for himself and his team.

Robbie combined his commercial acumen with his expertise in the psychology of entrepreneurship in his first book, ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur,’ in 2008. He believes that an entrepreneurial ‘mind set’ has a wider application than simply in business. Entrepreneurs tend to look for ‘angles’ – effective and unusual ways of creating opportunities or dealing with problems.

In 2010 Robbie published two books. ‘Brilliant Decision Making’, part of the ‘Brilliant Business’ series, covers the NLP principles and models underlying decision making.

His latest book, \’How to Coach with NLP\’ shows how traditional coaching methods can be fused with both general NLP \’attitudes\’ and specific NLP techniques to bring profound improvements in both personal and professional life.

Robbie’s purpose is to enable people to have both success and personal happiness. Having started successful businesses at a relatively young age, he became acutely aware of how the stress of modern day business life can take a toll upon health and personal relationships. Later, as an executive coach, he also noticed that the journey of leadership is often impeded by people’s desire to ‘work’.

Having studied NLP and Transactional Analysis extensively he created the rescripting process, enabling clients to make deep personal change and gain greater effectiveness.

In 2011, he added to the models created in his first book and created the leadership Matrix Model. He has presented this model internationally in Japan, China, Russia, France and the UK. The model combines knowledge of successful leaders and entrepreneurs, along with a detailed understanding of the human psyche.

Where Robert differs from his contemporaries in the world of NLP and coaching, is that he has actually built and led successful businesses. As such, he creates a genuine connection to people in the business and organizational world.