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NLP: Volume I

NLP: Volume I


书名(Book) :Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Volume I (The Study of the Structure of Subjective Experience)
作者(Author) :Robert Dilts,Doug Davis (Editor)
价钱(Price) :RM180.00


Book Description

There comes a time when it is both useful, and appropriate, for the purpose of continuing to expand our understanding of the universe we live in, for entirely new fields of study to be created. Separating new from old, exceptions from rules, and useful from previously unquestionable. So learning and experiences from entirely divergent fields have the opportunity to combine knowledge and experience into configurations that allow further growth, understanding, and impact upon ourselves as a species.
It is in this way that neuro-linguistic programming came into being. We wish at this point to separate our NLP from the many fields from which it draws information, from the many fields for which it has application. And in this way have greater clarity and freedom to delineate NLP’s own methodologies and basic purpose.


About the Author

Robert DiltsMr. Robert Dilts has been a developer, author, trainer, and consultant in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, since 1975. In addition to spearheading the applications of NLP to organizational development, learning, creativity, and health, his personal contributions to the field of NLP techniques of Strategies and Belief Systems, and the development of what has become known as Systenic NLP.Robert Dilts was head of an extensive study of leadership skills and creativity for Fiat, and a project with the State Railway of Italy involving organizational learning and communications skills for trainers, instructors, and presenters. He is currently leading a project involving the development and application of interactive computer tools for systemic thinking skills and management development with IBM Europe.He is the principle author of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Vol. I and has authored mumerous other books on NLP including Changing Belief Systems with NLP and Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well Being, co-authored with Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith, which describe his work in changing limiting beliefs and creating functioal belief systems. Tools for Dreamers, co-authored with Todd Epstein, ans Skills for the Future, explore the applications of NLP to manage and enhance creativity.




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