This is a special opportunity to learn from the only man who actually participated in almost all of the activities of not only the 3 originators (Richard Bandler, John Ginder, Frank Pucelik) but with the group of UCSC students that experimented and verified most of the patterns and skill sets that the team identified and codified.  There is no one else (including Richard Bandler and John  Ginder) who was involved in all groups, at all levels of development, with all the different student teams, during the entire 6 years, than Frank Pucelik.  If you want to know how this incredible field of NLP actually got developed, this is an unusual opportunity to ask the only man who was there.

Frank will define what modelling was done in the early ‘70s and you will be able to understand how todays’ approaches differ from what was done during the first 6 years.


这是一个千载难逢的学习机会,向唯一一位导师不只真正参与过由三位创始人 (Richard Bandler, John Ginder, Frank Pucelik)进行的所有活动,并且与一群UCSC学生进行了实验和验证,确定并编纂了大部分的模式和技巧 。没有任何人 (包括Richard Bandler and John Ginder) 像Frank Pucelik这样,在6年内全身投入参与所有不同的团体及学生团队中各个层次的发展。如果你想了解NLP这个不可思议的场域的发展过程,这将是一个难能可贵的机会请教这位唯一曾参于的导师。

Frank将精准地的解释在70年代早期完成的模仿 (modelling)你将有机会了解今时今日的作法和NLP初期前6年的作法之间的差异。


The 7 skill sets that were used for modelling will be shown, discussed, and demonstrated. There are:

  1. Calibration

  2. Complex equivalences

  3. Meta Model

  4. Representational systems

  5. Systematic use of negation

  6. Major Beliefs

  7. Correlations between the Meta Model and representational systems


以下为模仿(modelling) 里的7项技巧, 它们将被展示,讨论和示范:









The ability to build a measurable, verifiable model of change and/or excellence is a profound set of skills that few professional communicators have.  You will see it presented and will practice them during this program. Modelling is far more useful, far more simple, and can be far more complex than most NLP folks have learned or use.

Frank will show what kind of information was considered valuable when modeling high performers. He will also show what differences there were when modelling clients with problems, as well as why these differences exist. Case histories will be presented for discussion and demonstrations will take place. Frank will do his best to tailor the program to the interests and issues that are most interesting and valuable to the participants. Come see for yourself. It truly is the science of the obvious.


建立可衡量及可验证的变革和/或卓越模式 是少数的专业沟通者所具备的一项精深的技巧。在这3天的培训课程里,您将会目睹它们是如何被展示以及有机会练习如何运用。模仿 (modelling)–比大多数NLP学者所学习或使用的更有用, 更简单,也可能更为错综复杂。


Frank Pucelik(美国)

Photo_Frank-Pucelik Briefly about the Trainer

Mr. Frank Pucelik is the Professor of Interpersonal relationships department (Postgraduate school, Oklahoma City University, Norman, Oklahoma, USA – 1983-1987).

Mr. Pucelik works as a long-term consultant on the basis of Peace Corps since 1998 and regularly conducts seminars and takes part in educational conferences of such international students’ organizations like AIESEC, FLEX, JCI, SIFE, AEGEE etc.

Frank Pucelik provided training services to a large number of state and private agencies in both USA and CIS-countries. Among them are such companies, corporations and US states governments like: American Welding Society, Bank of America, Сhevron of Canada, Conoco USA, California, Oklahoma, Oklahoma University, Institute of Organizational Management of the USA, The Chamber of Commerce of the USA, Wickes International,  GHK Oil & Gas Production Company, Rockwell International. In the CIS countries Frank’s clients are: LukOil Volga, Cargill, Nemiroff, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Oracle, Saatchi&Saatchi, Kharkov Biscuit factory, Stara Fortetsja, Sandora, Alef-Vinal, Olimp, Ideal, Fozzy, Rorus, Eltrans Plus, Constanta, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Universal bank, insurance company “Universalnaya”, Galneftegaz, Morshinskaya, Castrol, Evroset, Swiss transport and shipping company, AsstrA Associated Traffic AG  and many other companies.


Frank Pucelik先生是人际关系部门(俄克拉荷马城市大学研究生院,美国俄克拉何马州诺曼,1983  -  1987年)的教授。自1998年以来一直担任和平队的长期顾问,定期举办研讨会并参加像AIESEC,FLEX,JCI,SIFE,AEGEE等国际学生组织的教育会议。

Frank Pucelik为美国和独联体国家的许多州立和私人机构提供培训服务。其中包括:美国焊接协会,美国银行,加拿大Сhevron,美国康科诺,加利福尼亚州,俄克拉荷马州,俄克拉荷马大学,美国组织管理研究所,美国商会等美国公司,Wickes国际公司,GHK石油和天然气生产公司,罗克韦尔国际公司。在独联体国家,Frank的客户包括:LukOil Volga,Cargill,Nemiroff,可口可乐,GlaxoSmithKline,Oracle,Saatchi&Saatchi,Kharkov饼干厂,Stara Fortetsja,Sandora,Alef-Vinal,Olimp,Ideal,Fozzy,Rorus,Eltrans Plus,Constanta ,Raiffeisen Bank Aval,环球银行,“Universalnaya”保险公司,Galneftegaz,Morshinskaya,Castrol,Evroset,瑞士运输公司,以及AsstrA Associated Traffic AG等其他公司。


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