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PhD.Nick LeForce(美国)


PhD.Nick LeForce尼克·莱佛士 (美国)

尼克·莱佛士,美国最忙碌的导师之一,在世界的NLP 、催眠、 教练和培训界声名赫赫。活跃于欧洲、美洲和亚洲各国的讲堂。 超过25年人际沟通和个人成长教练的经验使得尼克的工作表现达到炉火纯青的地步,其教学风格轻松、温暖,和谐舒缓,风趣幽默,参加他的课程令人如沐春风。

1983年开始跟随当今世界最顶级的NLP大师和催眠大师学习,同时持有旧金山麦罗伦大学康复学硕士学位,和心理学及社会工作的专业学位。美国催眠治疗师专业评审委员会(The American Council for Hypnotherapist Examiners – A.C.H.E.) 的指定讲师和考试评审员。拥有美国加州政府颁授的质量顾问资格。

尼克· 他为个人、企业和政府机构做大量的培训及顾问工作。他长于深入信念及价值系统层面的工作,帮助个人及企业找出他/它们深层的价值需求,并籍此确定最具动力的目标,做出最有效的决定并克服障碍,帮助服务对象达成目标。


PhD.Nick LeForce(U.S.A)

Nick LeForce has over 25 years experience of training in NLP programs, and teaching others how to be highly effective in every area of their life. His genuine expertise plus engaging training style have made him highly sought after by business organizations and NLP institutes throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. He is the author of several articles and books including, Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (1988) and Healing the Hurts of the Heart: Breaking the Shackles of Emotional Debt (1998). He has also maintained a busy coaching practice for the last decade.

Nick holds a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Administration from the University of San Francisco McLaren School of Business and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Welfare. Nick provides executive coaching services and management consultation to businesses as well as personal development services to individuals. He specializes in Value–Based Life Management Skills, helping individuals and businesses to identify governing values and use those values to create compelling goals, make effective decisions, manage time, overcome barriers to success, communicate persuasively, and achieve desired outcomes.

He has provided on-site consultation and training in Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Supervisory Skills, Time Management, and other topics. Nick has worked with both private and public sector clients, including AT&T, Blue Diamond Almond Growers, California Farm Bureau Federation, Citizens Utilities, Department of General Services, Department of Fish and Game, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Hotels, Sacramento County Public Works Agency, Standard Office Systems, State Teachers Retirement System, Water Resources Control Board, United Corporate Furnishings, Varsity Contractors, and others. He is listed as a Quality Consultant with the California Department of Personnel Administration, Office of Statewide Continuous Improvement.

Since 1983, he has studied extensively with leaders in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy. He is a nationally recognized trainer with Healing Arts Institute in Roseville, CA; NLP California in San Francisco, CA; and other institutes. He has served as faculty for the University of Phoenix teaching courses in business. He is known for his lively and humorous presentation style.(via-nlpca)