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Joseph O’ Connor (美国)


Joseph O’ Connor (美国)

Joseph O’Connor是全球最负盛名、最为德高望重的coach和coaching培训师之一。他在北美、南美、香港、新加坡(荣获新加坡国家社区领导协会颁发的奖章)、新西兰和欧洲大部分国家授课。


Joseph O’Connor曾担任过许多公司的过培训师和顾问, 包括在维也纳的花旗银行,BA, HP Invent, 和联合国工业发展组织(United Nations Industrial Development Organization),而其他的公司有如Petrobras, BT, Interbrew , the Panama Canal Authority 和Bax Global。


他是ICC共同创始人兼全球总监,十七本书的作者,翻译成三十种语言,全球销售超过五十万册。 他与Andrea Lages共同写作了“Coaching with NLP” 和 “How Coaching Works”。


Joseph O’Connor (U.S.A)

Joseph O’Connor is one of the best known and respected coaches and trainer of coaching in the world. He has taught in North and South America, Hong Kong and Singapore, (where he was awarded the medal of the National Community Leadership Institute), New Zealand and most European Countries.


Joseph has worked with many companies as a trainer and consultant, including Citibank, BA, HP Invent, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna, Petrobras, BT, Interbrew, the Panama Canal Authority and Bax Global.


He is co founder with Andrea Lages of the International Coaching Community.
He is the author of seventeen books translated into thirty languages, selling over half a million books worldwide. He is co author with Andrea Lages of ‘Coaching with NLP’, and ‘How Coaching Works’.