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张翠芬 Annie Chong—EMR创办人兼执行长(马来西亚)


  • EMR创办人兼执行长
  • 全球首位获得美国NLP大学授权马来西亚联盟培训NLP导师国际文凭
  • 马来西亚首位获得美国NLP大学认证的NLPU联盟培训导师
  • 全球首位获得美国NLP大学认证的高级导师,授权培训青少年 NLP 执行师国际文凭
  • 美国NLP大学授证NLP高级国际导师
  • 美国ABNLP授证NLP高级国际导师
  • 美国NLP大学授证NLP高级执行师
  • 美国GTC NLP国际社区培训师
  • ICC 国际教练联盟授证兼授权国际教练导师
  • 德国Dr Bertold Ulsamar授证家族系统排列导师
  • 美国ACHE授证高级教练催眠治疗师
  • 完形治疗师(跟随Tucker Feller老师学习)
  • NLP专业教练
  • 美国注册正面管教学校兼家长讲师
  • 马来西亚国家人力资源部认证培训师(HRDF)


  • 20年资历房地产仲介
  • 10年一对一个人教练 & 咨询
  • 10年辅导义工(非营利团体)


  • EMR大会
  • 马来西亚 NLP国际大会
  • 全球NLP国际大会



2006年,为了让NLP丰富更多人的生命旅程,她与友人创办了EMR Academy,负起将NLP教学传播下去的使命。邀请了国外多位NLP大师与资深导师来马来西亚传播NLP学问,让更多人受惠。




2011年,张翠芬正式成为一名NLP导师。亲身分享与教导NLP 。

2012年,她精益求精, 获得美国NLP 大学及美国ABNLP认证的NLP高级导师 。


2013年,她成为马来西亚首位获得美国NLP 大学认证的NLPU联盟导师。


一直以来,她都秉持着“诚信”与“三赢” 的处事模式;对于她来说,成功的定义是达到三赢境界、整体平衡——我好,你好,世界好!


其他所接触的学问:完形疗法(Gestalt Therapy) 三年班,催眠治疗,九型人格,变革管理,NLP后设程序(Metaprogram),NLP心智模式,NLP教练技术,The Embodied Life™身心灵整合生命体验工作坊。 

Annie Chong – The Founder of EMR Academy (Malaysia)

  • EMR Academy Founder and CEO
  • The First and only Affiliated Malaysian Trainer and Consultancy Project Partner with NLP University, USA
  • The first Malaysian to become an Affiliated Project Partner with NLP University, USA
  • NLP Master Trainer certified by NLP University, USA
  • NLP Master Trainer certified by American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
  • International Community Trainer certified by Global NLP Training and Consulting Community (GTC NLP)
  • NLP Master Practitioner certified by NLP University, USA
  • Hypnotherapist certified by ACHE
  • Facilitator of Systemic Constellation certified by Dr Bertold Ulsamar, Germany
  • Hypnotherapist certified by American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E)
  • Certified Trainer by Malaysia Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)
  • NLP Professional Coach
  • Apprentice of Tucker Feller in his teaching of Gestalt Therapy since 2011
  • Authorized user for Teaching Materials from NLP University, USA.
  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator (CPDPE)
  • Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator (CPDCE)

A real estate broker with 20 years of experience, Annie Chong has always been an avid learner in life. Her moderate education background has never stops her from working relentlessly to improve her life.

She first came across NLP in 1999. From then on, the teachings of NLP have enriched her life journey, one day at a time.

In 2006, with the thoughts of spreading the seeds of love and knowledge, she founded EMR Academy with her business partners.

Change shall begin within oneself, and slowly affect the people around them going towards the same direction, this is a belief Annie Chong held dearly to her heart.

The ability of a single man might be limited, yet by helping each and everyone around us, the Snowball Effect shall plays its part, and the energy it brings is enormous!

In the following years, she devoted herself to learn and master the teachings of NLP as well as other courses. Apart from that, she also applies all the skills and knowledge obtained in day to day life, constantly enriching the life journey of her own and others.

In 2011, Annie was certified as an NLP Trainer.

In 2012, she obtained the qualification Master Trainer of NLP certified by NLP University, USA and American Board of NLP

In 2013, she became the first Malaysian to be granted an affiliation for Practitioner or Master Practitioner Co-certification Programs by NLP University, USA.

In 2012, under her leadership, the EMR team held the very first Chinese NLP International Conference in Malaysia. It was a big success.

In 2013, she became the first Malaysian to be granted an affiliation for Practitioner or Master Practitioner Co-certification Programs by NLP University, USA.

In 2013, EMR Academy has won the Super Emerging Brand (The Best Emerging Academy in NLP Courses) in Asia Success Award.

Meanwhile, she is actively promoting and sharing the knowledge of NLP.

“Honesty” and “Tri-Wins” are the principles she has been upholding, driving her to succeed in life. To her, success is accomplished when “Tri-Wins Ecology” is achieved – I win, you win, the world wins!

Training Courses: NLP University Practitioner Certification Program, NLP Secret, I’m Coach, NLP Charismatic Leadership Training Camp, and Internal Training Course.

Other Knowledge : Gestalt Therapy, Systemic Constellation , Hypnotherapy, Enneagram, Change Management,  Meta Program, NLP, NLP Coaching skills, The Embodied Life™.